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Social Hustle is the only agency offering a 6 figure money back guarantee.

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The Fine Print

New to TikTok?

We guarantee your ad account will be profitable in 90 days or less.

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We guarantee we will increase your ROAs by 20%, or decrease your cost per acquisition by 20% in 30 days or less.

Our 3-Step Process


Hustle Analysis

Teach us about what makes you special so we can find the perfect content and targeting to scale.


Campaign Launch

Partnering with our in-house content team. We will generate influencer content along with repurposed existing content to grow your company.


Land & Expand

This is where the work begins. Once launching we will rigorously analyze the performance and creators to hone in on the perfect mix.

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Still Not Sure?

Worried About Content?

Don’t be. We’ve got partnerships with UGC creators and access to The Kardashians (if you have the budget).

Worried About Attribution?

Don’t be. We verify reporting through post purchase surveys and cross check performance using third party tools.

Worried About Anything At All?

Put us to the test. Send our founder a message on Instagram, text our CEO marketing questions, book us a flight to your office or dream destination.

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Results in 90 Days or $100k Back

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Case Study

Solar Energy Partners

  • Drove a 72% more cost efficient price per hire than goal
  • Realized a 90% more cost efficient CPL after switching to Instant Forms in TikTok
  • 2X more efficient CPL when compared to Google Ads
Case Study


  • GLD + Social Hustle piloted Catalog Listing Ads to boost product discovery across TikTok and was among a limited number of advertisers allowed to run the exclusive Alpha Product.
  • 61% lower CPC compared to previous conversion campaigns
  • 91% lower cost per view content compared to previous conversion campaigns
  • 47% lower cost per add to cart compared to previous conversion campaigns
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